Rachel Withers | Maine documentary family photography

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By the time we realized we needed solar eclipse glasses, they were long gone. So you can imagine our excitement when we discovered the big maple tree in our backyard cast a projection of the eclipse on our fence. The shadows shifted and shimmered while our little Maine cub ran around. 

Rachel Withers | Maine family lifestyle photographer

This past week William fell head over heels in love with gorillas. It started with an Eric Carle book featuring a gorilla who thumps his chest. All last week he pounded his chest–first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and last night when I laid him down to sleep, he lay there thumping his chest. We're blown away by this.

A few days ago,  I drew a gorilla on the chalkboard for him while he napped. He was very excited to find Mr. Gorilla in our kitchen, but was afraid to get close to him for most of the day. Instead he stood in the corner of the kitchen looking at his new friend and pounding his chest. 

These are those memories that are so sweet I never want to forget–and I especially want to capture. Enjoy <3

Rachel Withers: Maine lifestyle portrait photographer

A few months later and William is still clap, clap, clapping with vigor–when he likes his food, round of applause. When he's dancing, why not clap? This week, he learned a nice cause & effect–when he claps, Daddy dances. And he loved it. 

Rachel Withers: Maine baby's first birthday photography

Here is part 2 of William's mini first year documentary! To wrap it up I've included a few fun facts about our little man:

Favorite food: citrus, specifically clementines. He could eat them until he turned orange..

Sounds: William has learned to pant like Baxter, which ironically is the sound we do our best to discourage Baxter from making. No woof, just panting.

First words: He's been emphatically saying da -DA like crazy these days and seems to understand much of what I'm saying to him now. Ma ma has been featured but not as recently.

Newest accomplishment: He learned how to open the bathroom door–jiggle, jiggle, golden! As you can see below he is beyond thrilled about it. 

Sweetest moment: Repeatedly pushing my face to kiss Christopher so he could sit and smile & smile about it.