Rachel Withers | Maine documentary family photography

eclipse sqsp.jpg

By the time we realized we needed solar eclipse glasses, they were long gone. So you can imagine our excitement when we discovered the big maple tree in our backyard cast a projection of the eclipse on our fence. The shadows shifted and shimmered while our little Maine cub ran around. 

Meet the Sullivan Family | Westchester county in-home documentary portrait session


This past fall I spent time with the Sullivan family shortly after they moved into their new home. After many years in the city they moved north to Westchester County and a new way of life. Kids growing up in Manhattan fascinate me mainly because their childhood is so different from my own. So it was fun to see  the Sullivan kids as they made the switch from apartment life to a bigger space. 

During our session we focused on some of the things the kids enjoy doing on a regular day. My goal was to capture beauty in these moments together having fun playing, reading, spending time together in their home space. 

A big thanks to David & Shawna for taking such great care of us and spoiling us with delicious food and great company. There's no one else's yard we'd rather camp out in... ;)

Meet Ivy | NYC in-home newborn session

It's always exciting to document the entry of a baby into a family and all the more so when it's for dear friends. It's such a privilege to capture a bit of what life looks like for them as a family now.  

Mark & Alli–we admire you both so much and feel you've paved the way for us as we watched you move through residency. And now to see you as parents–your excitement is so tangible to me. I know there will be hard days, but you two sure make some awesome parents and it is a joy to behold. Thank you for asking me to document this time in your lives. 

Meet Lily & Caleb | in-home lifestyle family portrait session

Each year I photograph my niece & nephew  around their birthdays. This summer I spent time capturing them at their now [old] home and documenting a little bit of who they are at  this stage. Caleb [1], with his big eyes, baby curls and hearty appetite, just learning to toddle and  Lily [3] whose most treasured possessions are arguably her toolbox set  and Goofy (she sleeps with both) and favorite activities include wearing "long sleeves" and painting . They are so much fun–  and of course, growing up way too fast.