Rachel Withers: Maine family portrait photographer

Today William turned one. It's hard to believe how much he's changed. From the scrawny newborn we brought home from the hospital to this beautiful boy with such personality and life. This milestone is also significant as this last year marked a powerful transformation for me in the process of becoming a mother. I'm becoming something new–part of my old self is there, but wrapped into it is this new beautiful layer. 

So to celebrate I'll be posting a mini documentary of William this week and next. I want to capture who he is at one, a snapshot of his life thus far:

He is: wild and crazy, curious, mischievous, smiley, stubborn, friendly, shy, and tough.

When we go to the grocery store I often find him waving and smiling at people–or no one at all! He is still perfecting his wave. Right now half the time he waves backwards–to himself.

Since he's learned to clap, he just hasn't stopped. You say "yay" or "daddy" and you're almost guaranteed a clap, clap, clap. 

He is curious, stubborn and determined. He recently figured out how to stack the rings on his stacker and he was so proud. He works on his shape sorter like it's his homework. 

His favorite book is Little Gorilla. He now points to Little Gorilla on each page and we are so excited.

His favorite stuffed animal is the whale shark my brother gave him. At night if he wakes up, we'll find him reaching around frantically for it before settling back to sleep with it in his arms. Conversely, when I get him after his nap he loves to chuck it out of his crib in glee. 

Last week he walked for the first time. We were at our friend's house babysitting and dancing to his favorite song (Can't Stop the Feeling). All the sudden he dance/walked 6 or 8 steps just like that! 

William, it has been a wild and wonderful year. I can't wait to see what's in store next.