Rachel Withers: Maine baby's first birthday photography

Here is part 2 of William's mini first year documentary! To wrap it up I've included a few fun facts about our little man:

Favorite food: citrus, specifically clementines. He could eat them until he turned orange..

Sounds: William has learned to pant like Baxter, which ironically is the sound we do our best to discourage Baxter from making. No woof, just panting.

First words: He's been emphatically saying da -DA like crazy these days and seems to understand much of what I'm saying to him now. Ma ma has been featured but not as recently.

Newest accomplishment: He learned how to open the bathroom door–jiggle, jiggle, golden! As you can see below he is beyond thrilled about it. 

Sweetest moment: Repeatedly pushing my face to kiss Christopher so he could sit and smile & smile about it.