Rachel Withers | Portland Me lifestyle family photographer

Acadia National Park | Mt. Desert Island

We'd read and heard from friends how beautiful and deserted Acadia is in wintertime so we decided to take a day trip there last weekend. Despite a flat tire along the way, we still had time to see the coastline, snowshoe Gorham Mt., walk in the shadow of the Beehive and visit Eagle Lake just as the ice fishing wrapped up for the day. This is something totally new to me that we've seen on the Maine lakes. Each hut is all sorts of different shapes & sizes and makes a colorful array on the ice. This particular hut, unbeknownst to me, had a person in it who peeked out at me partway through my photo shoot...

If you can make the trip in winter–you should. To me, Acadia's serenity is a year-round affair.