Pittsburgh Newborn Session: Meet Caleb

Meet my new nephew: Caleb Melvin Shepler. 

There is quite the tale surrounding this little man, all while he was growing in the womb. My sister-in-law, Liz underwent emergency surgery halfway through her pregnancy. It was scary, with substantial risk to the baby, but God mercifully protected him. 

The story doesn't end there. Liz & her sister were both pregnant, both developed gestational diabetes, and both had to be induced–on the same day. The cousins were born May 3 & 4, with only a few hours separating their births. 

Even his name is special. He is named after my Pap, who passed away this past February. Matt & Liz had the opportunity to tell him before he died that this baby would be his namesake. 

So without further ado, here he is: 6 days old.