Pittsburgh Child Portrait Session: Lily is 2!

I must say, this year my niece stole my heart–watching her transition from baby to little girl with a big personality has been a source of endless entertainment.  She learned emotions this year and these interactions are particularly priceless. She'll giggle and declare, "Lily funny" or when upset (to be sure you know) "Lily crying". My all-time favorite is when she learned to say, "I love you"–nothing is sweeter.

In May (when her brother was born) I was able to spend the week hanging [outside!] blowing bubbles, making chalk drawings, raking the garden and picking "fallies". She loves Elmo & watching "toons" when she's allowed. 

Finally, this is the year I became "Yaya". I don't know how it happened but for now I am Yaya, and I love it.