Personal: Apostle's Story Team

Meet the Devines. Derek and his wife Megan live in Brooklyn where they'll be planting a church this coming fall with Apostles Church.  I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with them on a beautiful Saturday in early May.

But first, some background on this shoot. Our church is starting to round up artists–writers, filmmakers and photographers to create stories of the ways God is moving in the lives of people within our church. This was our first opportunity to work together as a Story Team–such a neat experience. As this was a film project, my primary job this time around was to get some shots of the Devines and our team in action.

I really enjoyed hearing their story–tales from their first year of marriage–and learning more about their passion for Brooklyn. I was inspired by Derek's articulation of why this church plant is important and needed in Brooklyn, along with Megan's commitment to this work. 

Be sure to check out the video